What makes your set different from other sets I see like this?

We Give You Only the Best

We cull through 1,000s of customer reviews to learn what customers just like you really want in popular lifestyle products – like our Bar Buddy Bartender Set and our R&R Buddy Foot Rest and Support Pillow Set – then we combine the best of the best features. Then, and only then, does a product end up in our online store. That’s why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Bar Buddy Set:

The Bar Buddy 16-Piece Stainless Steel Wine and Cocktail Bartender Set is made from the best grade of Stainless Steel – Grade 304 18/8.  Most kitchen utensils – which seem to last forever – are made from this same grade.  Why?  Because 304 18/8 is durable and doesn’t rust.  Unfortunately, many of the barware sets found on the market today are made from Stainless Steel Grade 201, a lesser grade of stainless steel that doesn’t last.  Customer reviews of bar sets made with this lesser grade often say that after only a few uses, the set rusted and can no longer be used.  We’re so confident in the quality of our set that we guarantee the Bar Buddy 16-Piece Stainless Steel Wine and Cocktail Bartender Set against rust.

R&R Buddy Foot Rest & Lumbar Pillow Set:

Buddy Products Online is the only brand currently offering a combination set for both the lower back and healthy body alignment. The R&R Buddy Foot Rest & Lumbar Pillow Set was created to provide much-needed protection against lower back pain and body alignment issues. The lumbar pillow gives you support for proper spinal alignment while driving, at work or at home, while the footrest ensures your legs are comfortably positioned.

What happens if my product becomes damaged, defective or I am just not satisfied?

You can return your product for any reason at any time. We are committed to customer satisfaction, so we offer a lifetime guarantee.  If for any reason, you are not 100% completely satisfied, we will gladly replace your product or give you a full refund.   You can reach us at info@jnaluindustries.com.

Is this Bar Buddy set dishwasher safe?

The Bar Buddy 16-Piece Stainless Steel Wine and Cocktail Bartender Set is considered dishwasher-safe, though we recommend hand-washing to help maintain its pristine finish.

Is the lumbar pillow washable?

Yes, the cover has a zipper so it can be removed and washed.  Washing directions come in the packaging.

Returns & Refunds

If you are not 100% completely satisfied, please contact Jnalu Industries, LLC/Buddy Products.  You can reach us through our Contact Us page or at info@jnaluindustries.com.  Customer satisfaction is our top priority and when you buy from Buddy Products Online, you are buying complete 100% satisfaction.
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