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You can trust Buddy's Lifestyle Products because we produce our products only after reviewing 1,000s of customer reviews to find out what YOU - the customer - really want. 

We take what customers are saying about popular lifestyle products, then we combine the best features.  Then, and only then, does a product end up in our online store.  That's why we can offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

About Our Featured Products

The “Pay Dirt” Car Clothing Guard

The Buddy Pay Dirt Clothing Guard protects you and your vehicle. We use our trunks
and hatchbacks for so many things, from hauling the groceries to running the dogs to the vet. We may even tailgate at football games with our SUVs and pickups. Pay Dirt is a detachable, washable trunk liner that unfolds to cover your bumper. It’s fantastic for keeping you clean, and your vehicle bumper protected, whether you are loading groceries or leaning a wheelchair against your vehicle.

5/5 Stars

“Great way to protect the car when moving things in and out of the trunk.”~

~ Purchased on February 5, 2021 


The Lumbar Support Pillow

The health of your back is of the utmost importance when sitting for long or short periods of time.

The lumbar support pillow will help to prevent back pain. You’ll also feel much more comfortable and productive when your body is positioned and supported correctly.  Whether you are a truck driver, sit for extended periods of time at a desk, or just need a little more support when watching television, this pillow will help you.

· Helps to prevent back pain

· Feel more comfortable and productive

· Helps position and support your body correctly

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

5/5 Stars

“I just received my “Buddy” memory foam back support cushion & I must say it is the best one I have found & I have bought many in the past few years. I’m gonna get a 2nd one for my car. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.”

~ Purchased on Sept 8, 2020 


Our “R & R Buddy” Adjustable Ergonomic Foot Rest and Lumbar Support Pillow Set

The Buddy Adjustable Foot Rest and Lumbar Support helps you sit properly for the best possible back health at home or at the office. You’ll stay comfy watching TV, at work or while travelling with this portable, easy-to-clean set.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

5/5 Stars

“I love the pillow! It's great in my car and very comfortable.”

~ Purchased on July 27, 2017


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