Pay Dirt Automotive Clothing Guard

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New Patent Pending Product.

This new multi-purpose product is a utility must-have for every vehicle. Measuring 4 ft x 4 ft -  it’s a one size fits all solution. Use it to line the trunk or hatchback of your vehicle or truck, fold it down over your bumper. Use it to protect your clothing or to protect your vehicle.

Loading sod in the trunk in the spring? Pay Dirt!

Tailgating and want to put the cooler in the trunk? Pay Dirt!

Went four-wheeling and don’t want to get your clothes dirty unloading your gear? Pay Dirt!

Traveling with your dog and want to minimize the dog hair? Line your hatch with Pay Dirt.

Use it as a picnic blanket or at your child’s sporting events - it’s waterproof lining protects from getting wet. 

Product Features:

  • QUALITY FABRIC - Top side is made from a custom polyester blend
  • WATERPROOF - Bottom side is waterproof to keep dirt and moisture away
  • EASY TO STORE – Folds up flat right in your trunk or back of your SUV. Or fold it and store it in a closet with your picnic supplies
  • DURABLE – Made of high-quality custom polyester blend with a waterproof backing
  • EASY TO USE – Use attached velcro edge to attach Pay Dirt to the inside back of your trunk or SUV hatch.  Pull down when needed, fold into the trunk when not in use
  • VERSATILE – The Pay Dirt can be used for several different reasons, from trunk lining for messy jobs and bumper clothing guard to picnic or tailgate blanket 

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